In our previous articles, we have covered different aspects of C2CX, a cryptocurrency exchange that was established in 2016 after an investment round by IT Group, a China-based investment company.

Cryptreveal touched on the large number of negative reviews and testamony from previous or current C2CX customers, along with linking C2CX together with the defunct CyberTrust ICO from 2017.

In our newest update to the C2CX saga, we will split our newest findings into multiple posts focusing on some of the team and operations of CyberTrust.

The 2017 CyberTrust ICO was a new crypto-currency venture launched by several Russian business people in 2017. The basic premise behind the offering was to establish trust relationships with financial institutions and cryptocurrency offerings. Instead it seems to be an elaborate way to launder funds and have no true identity tied to the activities.

“Evgeny built three ventures from zero…”
Evgeny Xata is labeled as the CEO of CyberTrust on his Crunchbase profile, but archived snapshots of the CyberTrust website list him as Managing Director. In the hastily built then abandoned Crunchbase profile, you see no mention of any actual company that he was involved in during his 3 multi million dollar ventures, just a vague description that disallows further research into his identity.

As we further searched for any sign that Evgeny wasn’t a false name, we come across multiple Paid ICO Rating services that mention him and CyberTrust together. There is no mention of Evgeny that was not a paid promotional event from late 2017 to mid 2018. We have nothing that can prove this person isn’t using a fictional name to run the CyberTrust scam.

CryptReveal’s coverage of the C2CX scam and background on the people involved will continue..

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