Continuing the assessment lets focus entirely on Cybertrust this time and how you can detect the early scam red-flags. This 2017 ICO crypto venture was launched by several Russian involved business people and their main premise was to establish trust relationship between financial institutions and crypto. The online videos and news were professionally done and prolific, those easily fooled without doing a in depth research first failed to realize what was actually happening behind the scenes.

You can still see many live search results on the company without any indication of their current status, if its still working or not. It can be easily seen how this was an sponsored activity made to create a false sense of activity as easily noticed in many scams nowadays, pretending to give in into the claims of the users and eventually disappearing.

The company had no official ties with any official banking institution and it was in a complete unregulated space. The moment money went in there was no mechanism for recovery even when they exclaim they did a refund. Most of their social media is dead but its still being followed by a considerable amount which assures us of our early estimates.

As mentioned before on our article, the key to avoiding these kind of scams is to learn looking for major red flags before analyzing the technology behind it. Before regulation hits on a bigger scale the odds of something being a scam is higher that not being one.

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