As mentioned on the last article, we will be doing a more in-depth analysis of their members profiles and what we can find about them.

Contrary of what most of the information says online, he is not a US citizen from New York but a citizen of Russia. We have reasons to believe none of his information online is tied to a real person. As expected of someone willingly to defraud millions of investors money we can assume most of the information linked can’t be trusted.

Searching for Alexey however give zero hits on Cybertrust or anything else related to the ICO. The name isn’t even properly spelled, and we can assume this person doesn’t even exist.

Common first and last name but different profiles depict him as a resident of china and his data was even in Russian LinkedIn. Even his cached profile can’t pass the basic due diligence DYOR. Likely doesn’t exist either.

Passes the most superficial tests, but a closer look evidence this is an abandoned profile or a hacked identity, but its definitely a existing profile on various social media.

Like Evgeny Xata and Alexey, public profiles shows she’s a citizen of Russia but its unlikely the person exists or if that’s her real name. LinkedIn shows no depth with minimum contacts, CrunchBase profiles links to a different profile entirely.

So as we previously mentioned you can see immediately the kind of problems you run off to the moment you start searching for the people involved. Of course, in more recent scams you will find shills ready to defend them, but as this is an old one you can only expect abandoned accounts.

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  1. I deposited 0.15 btc into c2cx to buy some LEO over a month ago. I knew the exchange was shady but did it anyway. Anyway, I sold my LEO back into BTC and attempted to withdraw. As I should have expected, the withdrawal was never processed and now it’s stuck on “Frozen”. Looks like I got scammed. I doubt support will respond. Only myself to blame I guess.

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