Don’t miss our original article on C2CX.

Last time we touched on C2CX, we explained C2CX is a cryptocurrency exchange that was established in 2016 after an investment round by IT Group, a Chinese investment company.

We continue our look into C2CX and this time our focus is on Money Laundering. Many of the claims of former and current customers gave accounts of withdrawal and exchange issues such as not honoring or delaying withdrawals, intentionally putting the website into ‘maintenance mode’ during peak trading times ensuring the average customer cannot sell the crypto they hold, and forcing to choose to withdraw another cryptocurrency due to lack of liquidity.

As we have dug deeper and begun talking with former customers there has been talk of C2CX being a money laundering operation. Numerous mentions of Scott dealing with Russian crime organizations led us to CyberTrust, a ‘canceled’ ICO from 2017 that was Russian based and had Scott Freeman as Head of Sales & Trading.

The anonymous informant we talked with told us some of the contributors were Russians that were denied international banking via OECD black list. On the same failed ICO board is Angelika Kevkhiyeva, current Vice President of Troika Dialog, a Russian organization recently accused of large amounts of money laundering and downplayed by the Kremlin.

We will keep you updated on ongoing revelations about C2CX. Check back with us for more information on the ongoing C2CX exchange issues and other scams involved around them.

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