So, you have been scammed. It happens often in this space, so it’s not weird to feel furious at everyone and yourself to even falling for it in the first place. People tend to start with optimism and ambition, avoiding the standard due diligence and just going with the word of peers or a cursory internet search to what appears to be a sophisticated con.

The worst part is how vulnerable the one scammed is in these kinds of situations. Whoever you try to use in attempt to recover your funds or who you decide to report them to do not normally have the jurisdiction to make a case. They are hard to prosecute because these things can’t even be described on a legal sense so there is no “crime” committed. Buyers beware clause can often leave you without anyone willing to spend resources investigating even if you can find the person that scammed you.

These minimal reward for high risk operations often end in disappointment. In the Cybertrust case it only took the team to say that the money was being refunded on social media, move a few shills to create the illusion it was happening and simply disappear with the money and no one to cry to.

Even if you could search the members of this ICO, you will often be finding someone that was just a pawn in the end and probably don’t even know what happened to the money anymore.

Its for this reason we’ve taken as our mission to analyze all these types of scams, identifying past cases to often reach an educated guess of who could be scamming.

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