With many indicators pointing for a new bull market, we see the abrupt increase of news given by the mainstream media about many of the current happenings in the cryptocurrency space. Nothing works better than Facebook own cryptocurrency to make the gossip start moving. After the release of their whitepaper there’s been a massive increase in news related for cryptocurrencies.

All this for a good reason, Facebook has an advantage many would wish they had: access to one of the biggest user base in the world and the ability to push said coin into the market. There is no doubt it will be adopted, they have all the power to make it work. It could certainly grow considerably once people notice their benefits, it doesn’t even have to be good, just have a platform to make it work.

Sadly, even with all the great projects out there, the problem of adoption is something everybody working towards a blockchain solution must deal with. Even now BTC is barely used for its intended purpose and many just hold it as an investment.

So, it’s no surprise how the media is ready to discredit it. Of course, there are many reasons to be skeptical considering the amount of problems Libra revealed with their whitepaper which we would need another article to discuss, but the main point is how massive has the response being in comparison with every other project out there. Certainly the start of something bigger than what we’ve seen so far, but how it develops globally considering the different law bottlenecks is something we have yet to see.

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