Nestle, one of the largest food company in the world, recently announced a new program separate from IBM Food Trust Blockchain. The move is looking to allow anyone in the world to check on time and immutable food facts and metrics.

Supply chain is one of the most prominent Blockchain applications as it utilizes the transparency and production of the technology and combines it with the ever-increasing need of users to know all they can about their food from farm to fork.

This pilot will run for six months, testing the feasibility, viability and scalability of the system, as well to know how well the system verifies the data according to representatives. At a more advanced stage, the service may involve mobile applications.

It will focus on to trace milks from the farms and producers in New Zealand to Nestle factories and warehouses in the middle east. Later the technology will be tested on palm oil from the Americas. This will allow Nestle to understand the scope and scalability of the system can be.

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