Imagine a few years ago what would sound more unbelievable?

  • They U.S. President is Donald Trump

  • The U.S. President tweeting about bitcoin

  • Facebook planning to release their own cryptocurrency

As bizarre as that might have sound like a few years ago, today we’ve seen all of them happening in a quick succession. Its not a surprise that he would declare them volatile, unlawful and based on nothing, but the idea itself that the president of one of the biggest nations in the world is addressing it in itself is incredible. It really marked an historical milestone of the presence of cryptocurrencies on the public dialog of money and policies.

Not only did a powerful central banker in the world described it as a payment’s vehicle, a store of speculative value, it was followed by the president remarks giving a first measure of the higher levels of the world talking about cryptocurrencies. With Facebook announcing their project Libra last month, we expected that corporate leaders, bankers and government leaders to talk about cryptocurrencies but it simply happened way faster than expected.

Things are poised to get mighty confusing, in other words, with private corporate currencies, decentralized cryptocurrencies and government-run digital currencies all competing for primacy in the world of money. Thank to Libra – but really, thanks to bitcoin before it – the narrative economy around monetary innovation is getting seriously amplified. No matter what happens next, this really marks the beginning on the public perception of blockchain projects.

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